Friday, August 26, 2011

A lazy day....

Hello everyone! It's the one and only Macy here! :) I'm so excited cause today is my peoples favorite day...Friday! It's almost the time...when all my people are going to be home. Usually what I do on what I usually do everyday....(but I do it more on Friday)

Here is my schedule...I try to stick to...

1. I get up and eat breakfast early in the morning! :)

2. Then after that walk around and meow at my people to see if they are going to pay any attention to me it works most of the time but...all I usually get is... a "Good Girl Macy" but that's always nice to hear.

3. Then when all my people are doing stuff and I don't know what to do I usually take a Big Long I mean LONG cat nap...I'm the type of cat that can sleep ANYWHERE...on books...on beds...even on clothes!

 Ahhhh Sleeping....

The only thing is when my people put there box thing that takes pictures in my face...when I'm does get alittle annoying after awhile! :-/


But Aw well...The don't usually do that..very often! :) Well, I better go back to sleeping...I hope you all have an miceolious weekend.

Much love...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday Mornings....

Hello again! It's Macy here, I am typing right now with a wonderful breeze at my Fur. It's just so nice outside. My people opened the window right next to my computer and I would have to really does get me into the spirit of blogging! :)

Well, I believe today is Saturday and usually my people go somewhere on this special day... I absolutely love Saturdays cause all of my people are usually home most of the time!  But, they do usually go to a place called a store? It's really cool cause they leave and then come home with TONS of bags full of human food! I love jumping on the table and sniffing them but my people always push me off like I am doing something bad!

Well, I hope you all have an amazing Saturday!


Friday, August 12, 2011

About me...Macy! :)

Hi there! I'm Macy and I'm so excited cause this is my very first blog entry! Most of you all know that I'm a cat..I am 3 years old and I own a awesome family! Here are 5 things that you should know about me...

1. I love Twist ties! You know the ones that come in a kids toy....the longer the better! (At least that's what I say)

2. Sleeping is my favorite....anywhere and everywhere! I can even sleep on a book! :)

3. I love to talk...My favorite words I can say are...No,Down and my favorite one is Twist Tie! (I can't really say that one but my people always know what I mean)

4. Birds...birds..birds..They are SO fun to look at! I really love when my people open up the window alittle bit so I can feel the breeze on my fur. Ahhh I can already feel it.

5. I absolutely HATE I mean HATE the box thing that goes BEEEEEEEP in my ear. They say it warms up food and stuff but I don't think it does. Cause they have to put it in again...and again and again like it doesn't work! So please don't use that thing when I'm around...cause it's awful. :(

So you know alittle bit about me..Macy! I am just a stay at home cat that loves my people! I can't wait to get to know all you Cats,Dogs,Chickens,Birds and maybe even a lucky mouse! :)
Much love...